What is Buchdeals?
Buchdeals is a free service that helps thousands of readers find books they will love. After joining, the members receive unbeatable offers that have been put together by our partner authors and us. Buchdeals works with thousands of leading publishers and authors in the industry to promote your books. Buchdeals was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Paderborn.
Who can promote their books on Buchdeals?
Every self-publisher and traditional publisher can book a promotion with us. The author's assistant, marketing manager or publisher can also create a partner account.

If you have any questions about working with us, our Buchdeals team is at your disposal. If you have any further questions, please contact us here: [email protected]
How can I get my books listed on Buchdeals?
Every eBook that is available for purchase in Germany on at least one marketplace (Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Google Play or Tolino) can be listed and promoted on Buchdeals. For this, the author or one of his employees must create a profile and book a promotion.
What requirements does my book have to meet in order to be promoted?
In order to be able to consider your request, the following requirements must be met:
  • The title must be either free or at least 50% discounted.
  • We expect the best quality from the title. No formatting or grammatical errors.
  • We expect the titles to have a minimum length. Fiction should be at least 120 pages long. Nonfiction around 80 pages, cookbooks 80 pages, children's books 20 pages, all other non-fiction books at least 100 pages
  • We can only reapply the same title after 60 days.
  • Please note: We can only place a limited number of non-fiction books for our free campaigns. These titles are particularly strictly controlled and also require a minimum of 100 pages. We only include a maximum of 1 non-fiction book in our newsletter per day. A maximum of 10 non-fiction books per month are allowed in our “Book of the Day” app!
Please note: Even if all requirements are met, we cannot guarantee a promotion. Our team will notify you shortly whether your title can be advertised.
At what price should I advertise my eBook in Buchdeals?
The price is made up of your marketing strategies. Are you trying to achieve a best seller? Do you market a book series? Or do you just want to earn some extra money? Your pricing is based on your marketing goal.

You can read in our Authors Blog, how you can structure and plan pricing.