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Since a lot of new eBooks are released every week, the chances are not too high that your target audience will read exactly your book. That's exactly why Buchdeals makes it so easy to promote your new release and develop a launch strategy through various tools. Whether you're already targeting your existing fans or a completely new audience, Buchdeals can help.
How to successfully promote a new release with Buchdeals
New release email
Maximize the reach of your new release and reach over 100.000 users. Our weekly new release email promotes the best new releases submitted to us, generating great reach.
Buchdeals banner ad
With our banner advertising, either in the newsletter or on our website, you can successfully promote your new release. With over 150.000 website impressions & over 100.000 email subscribers, banner advertising is an optimal tool for your success as an author.
Newsletter Promotion
If you offer your new release at an introductory price, you have the opportunity to advertise it with us in our Newsletter. Another very effective option would be to offer another book of yours at a greatly reduced price, advertise it with us, and then highlight your new release in the back. Nearly 68% of our authors have seen an increase in purchases across all books.
Buchdeals readers read at least 4 books per month and 68% want to know when your favorite authors release a new eBook!
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