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Publish a Newrelease
Since a lot of new eBooks are released every week, the chances are not too high that your target audience will read exactly your book. That's exactly why Buchdeals
Promote your reduced E-Book
Do you want to expand your readership and generate more purchases? By offering a price reduction you can increase your visibility, find new loyal fans, increase sales and ...
Increase sales and visibility
Connecting with lots of readers online and generating new fans as a result is a wonderful way for authors to increase their sales and visibility. Fortunately, Buchdeals has ...
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Buchdeals has over 100.000 users. Our readers use Buchdeals constantly to discover new books for themselves.
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Our mission is to create tools that generate sales, reach and visibility.
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Whether you need technical help with your campaign, or just want some good advice on your marketing campaign, our support is always available to our writers.
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Our customized eBook recommendations make it easier for our readers to discover their next favorite book.
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