Discworld's Diary

von Terry Pratchett

Contrast the Fools' Guild with the Assassins' Guild next door: one is pleasant, light and airy and the corridors echo with the quiet activity of people working hard to master a job they love; the other is gaunt, forbidding and silent, except for the occasional muffled sob . . .§The Fools' Guild, founded 150 years ago, is also a hospital, craft standards enforcer, fraternal society and school. There is always a place and a custard pie in the face for any young boy with an amusing hump, speech impediment or other laughable deformity. §As with previous diaries in the series, the usual mundane dates are complemented by the Discworld's own special occasions, so you will always know when to expect the Soul Cake Duck's choccie eggs and which days are most auspicious for the throwing of custard pies.
Kategorien: Fantasy
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