Fading Echoes

von Erin Hunter

It has been revealed that Dovepaw, a young ThunderClan apprentice, is one of three cats prophesied to hold the power of the stars in her paws. Now, Dovepaw, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze must work together to unravel the mystery behind the ancient words. But the shadows from the Dark Forest that have preyed on ThunderClan for many moons still lurk just out of sight, and soon a mysterious visitor will walk in one apprentices dreams whispering promises of greatness, which may doom the warrior Clans to a future no cat could have foreseen. Omen of the Stars No 2: Fading Echoes will also contain the second adventure in the Warriors Adventure Game, which will be called out with a burst on the front cover.
Kategorien: Kinderliteratur
Fading echoes 9780061555145 xxl
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