Seekers - Island of Shadows

von Erin Hunter

After the devastating loss of their companion, Ujurak, the three bears are ready to reconnect with their families and find their way home. They are now accompanied by Yakone, a polar bear they met on Star Island and with whom Kallik shares a special connection. Toklo is wary of their new companion, and miserable over the loss of Ujurak, and Lusa is struggling just to survive on the meager food theyre able to find. Then the bears encounter Nanulak, a young half polar / half grizzly bear who seems to be on his own. Toklo takes Nanulak under his wing, happy to have a bear who needs his protection once again. But Ujurak appears in the bears dreams, hinting that Nanaluk may not be what he seems...
Kategorien: Kinderliteratur
Island of shadows 9780061996344 xxl
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