The Voyage of the Dawn Treader [The Chronicles of Narnia]

von C. S. Lewis

"The things in the picture were moving. Down went the prow of the ship into the wave and up went a great shock of spray"

Through this enchanted painting, Edmund and Lucy, accompanied by their unwilling and unpleasant cousin Eustace, again enter the magical world of Narnia.

Once aboard the magnificent ship Dawn Treader, Edmund and Lucy are reunited with their old friends Caspian, the young King, and Reepicheep, the daring mouse. Unforeseeable adventures and dangers await them as they sail further and further from charted waters towards the "utter East" that Reepicheep has dreamed of since his youth. It is there that he hopes to find the mythical home of Aslan, the majestic Lion and King and Lord of all Narnia.

Book five of The Chronicles of Narnia continues the saga of C. S. Lewis's beloved land of fantastic creatures and unlikely heroes. Readers of any age will be entranced as the crew of the Dawn Treader approaches the "World's End".
Kategorien: Bestseller
9780583339681 1528400154223 xxl
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