How to remember everything more easily: Support for Children, who find Learning and Remembering difficult . Learning and Training Program with Information for Parents and Educators (English Edition)

von Hans Bechheim

Does it happen again and again that you have forgotten something that you have learned with much effort?

Can you imagine learning and keeping everything with ease and absolute reliability?
How would it be if you had a lot of fun and that would be achievable in a much shorter time?
Here is the solution for you! Learn to remember pictures well using this training program.
Why is this important for you?
This is why: The prerequisite for a good memory is that you can remember images reliably and learn how to remember and recall information as images.
Why is that so? The most effective way of retaining information is by transforming the content into sequences of images. This is how the combination of pictorial imagination with creativity and fantasy works. The book "How you can remember everything more easily" leads children through a training program, which allows them to work independently and build up this important ability of visual memory. Through this motivation-based training of visual memory, children learn that they have it in their own hands to achieve faster and more reliable memory performance by actively acting and practicing visualization.
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