Hunter's Run

von George R. R. Martin und Gardner R. Dozois

The age-old struggle between the haves and the have-nots continues -- even to the far edges of the universe ...§A man awakens in the dark. He is naked; he can neither see nor hear; he remembers nothing, not even his name. But then comes light, and with it, revelation ...§He is Ramon Espejo, a poor, exploited prospector who was a nobody on Earth and is still a nobody on the planet of Sao Paulo, where he ekes out a living searching for minerals in uncharted mountains.§Bit by bit, some memories return: a dead man, a bloodstained knife, and a desperate run into the wild -- away from the law and the Enye, the planet s mysterious alien overseers.§Ramon Espejo is being hunted. Even more terrifying, he is about to discover that he is also a hunter -- and a pawn in a battle between species far more powerful and ruthless than he ever imagined.
Kategorien: Fantasy
 hunter s run   by  george r r martin  b002a77g1w xxl
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