The Making of: How to Create Extraordinary Photos, Volume 2: Set structure, Ingredients, Composition: 10 easy and safe re-photographing sets (English Edition)

von Hans Bechheim

Volume 2 gives you lots of new ideas on how to create your own great photos
As in Volume 1 of the series, you will learn in Volume 2 how to professionally photograph certain motifs in step-by-step instructions. Volume 2 refines your photo practice with these innovative and easy-to-use techniques

Make progress automatically: Learn to take photographs and develop your own photographic skills, automatically.

Would you like to acquire a safe feeling for fascinating image composition, appealing lighting, harmonious coloring, and many other important elements of good photography? Then I recommend you to purchase this book. Soon you will convert your own ideas into similarly fascinating photos that have that professional look. And then you'll probably experience recognition and admiration from your relatives and friends. Soon you can then send them your own photos as slogan cards, postcards and greeting cards. That will open for you multiple ways to use your creative potential. Start right away by downloading the Kindle e-book "The making Of Volume 2, How to Create Extraordinary Photos" onto your Kindle, smartphone or tablet.
The book contains a link to the photos in colour and higher resolution. So you can view the photos on your PC or tablet large and in good quality. Volumes 3 to 5 of the series "The Making of" on "Trick Photography and Special Effects" have now been completed and are also available as Kindle eBooks and paperback (German Edition). The volumes 6 "Kreative Fotografie" and 7 "minimalistische Fotografie" were published in 2019.
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